“Lefkaxit”  2019, an environmental art project

Over the last two years, in Lefkada  several initiatives were undertaken from the local environmental education network titled “I change, you change …. let recycling become your lifestyle” which substantially contributed to educating students and teachers about recycling. At the same time,  co-operation with the network members such as the Environmental Education  Center of Sfakiotes  and schools of primary and secondary education of the island, Lefkogaia Social Enterprise, the Lefkas Public Library and  Lefkas  Municipality was established. The main objective of the network is to assist involving as many local actors as possible on an effort to tackle the problem of solid waste in Lefkada and specifically to shape active citizens’ behavior with environmental sensitivity and accountability.

Currently, the British artist  Trudi Lloyd Williams is working with the network. Her artworks made of plastic “trash” have been exhibited in UK at Lymington, New Forest National Park and in British art galleries while she has been  granted awards. Building upon her knowledge and experience in so-called trash art, she designed the  art  project “Lefkaxit” a proposal towards exit  from single use plastics.

A sculptural facility is constructed, an outdoor visual arts installation with the care and guidance of Trudi Lloyd Williams , which will be located in the city at of Lefkada in Angelos Sikelianos pedestrian way next to the Lagoon in March 17th, 2019. The installation  is an innovative proposal and was built and formatted during several workshops. Co-creators were citizens of Lefkada, either through associations in which they participated, such as the women weaving  team “Figos” club, either individually but mainly with primary and secondary school children students through the environmental education network. It also includes voluntary support from partners, artists and craftsmen, professionals and businesses. Traditional methods were used in manufacturing, while use of new materials (recycled one use plastics) highlights the old through the modern, showing respect to traditional values and offering a new approach. The innovation of the project is its creation process, which includes the involvement of local Society, and its association with several events, weaving, recycling and re-use workshops.

Specifically,  the artistic installation is placed opposite Angelos Sikelianos Street, and focucess the audience’s eye on the Lefkada Lagoon through an optical sculptural framework, it will be lighted in the night hours creating a beautiful window to the sea view.

The project is called “Lefkaxit” and contributes, among other things, to the approach between Lefkada and the city of Lymington in the UK. The two coastal cities share common geomorphological features with social impacts. Wetlands, salt marshes, sailing Marinas, small and medium-sized shipping companies and and tourism are among the ir common features.

The relationship between the two cities may be extended in the future with  the collaboration of museums such as the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington with the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lefkada and networking between schools. The following video showing the cities’ common features was created by Trudi Lloyd Williams.

The expected outcomes of the project include changing the behavior of participating citizens and students so that they continue to use recyclable materials as raw materials and develop new techniques in using creative and practical ways to recycle, but mainly reduce the use of single use plastics, addressing the issue of plastic pollution.

Links: https://www.trudilloydwilliams.co.uk/